About Me

Sunflower Enlightenment is here to help you with all your spiritual needs. Whether it's finding out who you are? Helping you find your divine purpose, or just simply opening up to loving yourself more.

One of the tools we offer is Reiki. Reiki is hands-on healing that uses the Universal life force. We also offer readings, spiritual consultations, and products for self-healing.  These tools and services teach you how to co-create the life you so desire. Our purpose is to spread love, peace, and happiness.

How I Can Help You?

Sunflower Enlightenment is here to help you with all of your needs. Whether you're just starting out in your spiritual journey, trying to figure out your life purpose or maybe your even a little advance in your spiritual journey and you need some advice. We are here to spread self-love, positivity and help with spiritual growth and also We ARE Here for you! 



That voice, that voice she is crying out to be heard. She knows your listening, you just have to have the courage to use her.

This world is cruel but you understand that and that's why you have silenced her.

Now its time to mold her and unleash her and let the world hear that beautiful voice that resides in you.

Don't go unspoken just use your voice lovingly.

Use it with Love and let it be the voice of reason.

Remember, Remember when you do it with love you silence the EGO this way.

Never go unspoken, use her she is ready to stay.

-Shomreeyah Sunflower


Sunflower Enlightenment

Smyrna, GA

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