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For so long I struggled with my identity and who I was as a spirit being. I would always look at external sources to try and find my own LIGHT. For many years I didn’t have any self-love, purpose, and definitely not a life that I was destined to have or at that time worth living for. I lived life for other people. I lived through their power and not my own. I was a follower. I was easily manipulated. I was shy, timid, and felt like my voice didn’t matter. I let people run over me. When I finally did speak up for myself it came off as aggression, hurt and built up energy that no one needed to hear or feel.

During this time, I always felt different as if my purpose was bigger than this. Finally, I got tired of giving myself all these excuses.  I wanted to stop giving people my power and start embracing my OWN. I decided to go to meditation class. After this one class, I’ve clearly seen what meditation and self -healing can do to one’s life.

After a year into spirituality, I managed the time to really go through a deep solitude of SELF. I must say it was a very hard thing to do because I was living out of EGO. I was honest with myself and brought the shadow side of myself to light. This was really scary because sometimes I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. So, I had to face it and give it love and light. I faced it, and became self-aware, and went through those phases of releasing.  I exchanged the bad habits with good ones.  The amazing Phoenix has risen from her ashes.

I found the purpose of who I AM in this world. I AM here to share it with you all.

I am bringing you great tools and products to:

  1. Help enhance SELF- Love

  2. Get through depression

  3. Become self-aware

  4. Help you find your passion and purpose

  5. The best one of ALL is to boost your overall WELL BEING!


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